On May 21, a video circulating on Twitter showed that on the evening of May 20, dozens of buses in Nanxinyuan Community, Chaoyang District, Beijing transported residents away in batches and quarantined them overnight.

According to the WeChat announcement group screenshots, all community residents of the No. 4 community of Nanxinyuan Building must be transferred to the hotel for isolation on the 20th.

Current affairs commentator Tang Jingyuan also retweeted the post on Twitter, adding that Beijing’s Chaoyang District Nanxin Garden had the first recorded case, and the entire community was quarantined. Shanghai is almost done; it’s Beijing’s turn.

Some Chinese netizens said that the resident population of Nanxin Park exceeds 13,000 people, and only 26 positive patients were found, and most of them were mild. Such a sudden large-scale transfer of more than 13,000 residents who tested negative. Where are the principles of medicine and science? Where is the jurisprudence? Many netizens said: “How can the same director be different? How can there be any difference in one jar.”

Another online video showed that residents of Dajing Village in Beijing’s Fengtai District and Yuxinzhuang Village in Shunyi District were also taken away and quarantined. At present, Fengtai District has upgraded control measures. Haidian District also announced on the 21st that it is tentatively scheduled to implement upgraded control measures in the entire Haidian District from noon to midnight on the 28th.

In addition to Beijing, neighboring Tianjin is also not immune. On May 21, the Tianjin authorities issued a notice saying that from 6:00 am on May 22, all residents living in Tianjin will remain in their place of residence at that time.

All residents are to take the initiative to cooperate in nucleic acid testing at designated locations. The ” health code ” will be adjusted to the ” orange code ” for those who fail to undergo nucleic acid testing within the specified time. As early as May 15, Tianjin has carried out nucleic acid testing for all employees in the city and detected some positive infections.

In addition, the neighborhood committee of Huafengjiayuan Community in Dongli District, Tianjin nucleic acid testing for three consecutive days on the 19th, 20th, and 21st.

According to the request of the local government, during this period, if anyone does not cooperate, “whoever goes out without permission after finishing the nucleic acid and causes the spread of the epidemic will be held accountable by the public security organs and will affect future generations. I hope everyone will think twice before acting.”

This sentence affecting future generations reminds netizens of the past. In Shanghai, a young man who refused to quarantine said, “This is our last generation, thank you!”

Some overseas netizens growled, “Such a “party” that exists by intimidation by hooligans should have been wiped from the earth long ago! Yesterday’s Shanghai, today’s Beijing, Tianjin. At the foot of the imperial city, there is nothing special; it is still leeks.”

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