Beijing has announced a plan to recruit graduates to work in rural areas. However, the announcement has raised concerns over the Chinese government’s past campaign of moving the educated youth to the mountains and the countryside.

The Covid epidemic is spreading, worsening the economic slowdown and making China’s employment situation for university graduates very grim.

Apollo News reported that, a few days ago, the Beijing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued an announcement. They stated that it plans to recruit 461 fresh graduates to serve as “rural revitalization assistants” this year.

They said that those graduates would be arranged to work in rural areas to support agriculture. And after being hired, the graduates can sign labor contracts with the township, and the duration of the contracts is five years.

Before that, the bureau had issued proposed measures for rural revitalization in Beijing. The proposal stated that if the rural revitalization assistant’s contract expires and their assessment is passed, they can be recruited as civil servants.
For years, the Chinese government has been recruiting fresh graduates to support agriculture in rural areas.

Fearing social problems caused by severe unemployment, the government mobilized various sources to solve the employment problem a few years ago. These sources include the expansion of enrollment in vocational schools, the employment of grass-roots units (such as university students becoming village officials), and enlistment in the army.

But the new announcement reminds many people of the “Going to the Mountains and Going to the Countryside” movement in the 1960s.

Besides Beijing, some other places have also released their plans.
Sichuan People’s Society issued an announcement stating that in 2022, the province plans to recruit 1,539 fresh graduates to work in townships. Among them: 184 people support education, 507 people support agriculture, 429 people support medicine, and 419 people help rural revitalization.

Guangdong Province also released a plan for university graduates in 2022. It plans to recruit about 3,000 college graduates to engage in “volunteer” services.
China is facing high pressure of job creation for newly-graduated students. This year, the number of Chinese university graduates exceeded 10 million for the first time, and it is expected to reach 10.76 million, a record high.

With the Covid pandemic spreading, many municipalities have to close their cities and cannot create new jobs.

In response to many unemployed graduates, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has recently issued a document calling on graduates to be devolved.
On May 4, the People’s Daily, a CCP media outlet, published an article urging university students to “go to the places where the motherland needs them most.” The article also mentioned, “going to the mountains and the countryside.”

Regarding Beijing’s announcement that “the civil servants can be recruited for targeted examinations after the expiration of the period and passing the assessment,” Wang He, a columnist, said it is actually a “bait.”

Wang He explained strict civil servant examination restrictions make it impossible to gain entry. If a person works in the countryside for two years, they will be offered some discounts upon becoming a civil servant, which can trick some college students into coming in.

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