Beijing city officials said that 30 Covid-19 infections were found in testing two million residents on Jan. 24, less than two weeks before the Winter Olympics begin.

According to a report, local authorities have confirmed about six new infections in the Fengtai district in southern Beijing. The total number of cases in the capital now stands at 34. 

The highly contagious Omicron type causes a new outbreak of illnesses. 

Covid-19 was tested on all two million residents in the area starting on Sunday, Jan. 23. Local authorities in China have advised households to get a nucleic acid test within 14 days after receiving any deliveries from abroad, according to a statement issued on Saturday, Jan. 22.

Authorities said mail could be the source of recent coronavirus infections, prompting China’s postal service to ask workers to sanitize overseas parcels. They suspect that a box from Canada contained the “first instance of the Omicron variant in Beijing.”

Both the WHO and CDC have declared that the risk of illness from contaminated surfaces is low.

Up until Jan. 22, China had registered 105,603 deaths. There have been no new cases so far. However, residents of “risky regions,” including Fengtai district, have been advised not to leave the city, according to a local government spokesman who spoke at a press conference on Sunday, Jan. 23. Residents of Fengtai have also been asked to avoid mass gatherings.

According to Reuters, children in Fengtai’s kindergartens who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19 will be unable to attend school.

International delegations, media staff, and athletes have begun arriving in preparation for the Winter Olympics, which start on Feb. 4.

China attempted to avert Covid-19 by enclosing the Olympics in a bubble that encased thousands of people and stretched 200 kilometers.

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