Beijing authorities have upgraded their anti-epidemic approach, and they are adopting faster and stricter measures to block the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic.

In Fengtai District, management and control are strictly enforced. Leaving the area for non-essential needs is not allowed, and people work from home. Most subway stations are closed.

A citizen near Yuegezhuang wholesale market said that at about 1 am on May 20, he wanted to go downstairs to breathe some fresh air but found that there were three large white floor coverings in the corridor of his residential unit. He was not allowed to go out of his unit door.

That is to say, Fengtai District has already sent personnel to guard residents 24 hours a day.

Netizens mentioned the situation of the Nanxinyuan community in the Chaoyang District.

The residents of the 19 buildings in this community were all quarantined by centralized transportation.

At around 2 pm on May 20, the community authorities informed residents that they had received a notification from their superiors. They were required to transfer people to an isolation hotel on the same day, and the community would then be sterilized.

However, things happened so suddenly that the public felt panicked. People say that the previous day’s nucleic acid results were negative for the entire community. Besides, residents who have been quarantined since April 23 had negative results after 28 days.

A resident says in the group that an 8-day-old child cannot be isolated in a centralized manner. Another complains that he has two children, one is six, and the other is four, and he has no idea of how to arrange it.

A Weibo user says he does not know how to describe his current mood —fear, anger, speechlessness, helplessness. People are dominated by fear and helplessness every day.

This Weibo account is found “banned from access.” Netizens say they do not know why or what will happen next in Nanxinyuan.

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