The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been adhering to its strict “zero-COVID” policy since the start of the pandemic. Recently, COVID pandemic prevention staff, dubbed ‘Dabai’ in Chaoyang district, Beijing, protested in front of the sub-district office. They demanded that the CCP return their hard-earned money. 

The incident allegedly occurred in front of the Anzhen Sub-district Office in Chaoyang District, Beijing. The video shows at least 30 COVID staff in white hazmat suits shouting in unison: “Repay my hard-earned money!” [VIDEO]

The related videos circulated online but were removed quickly from many Chinese social media platforms.

On November 29, some netizens posted on Weibo for help. The posts read that Dabai went on strike due to wage issues. Meanwhile, residents’ livelihoods in Building No. 6, Anhuaxili, Anzhen Street, also faced difficulties due to the lockdown order.

On the same day, another netizen wrote, “It’s also Anzhen Street, and it’s also about rights protection, but last time it was the residents asking for the unblocking, this time it’s Dabai asking for wages.”

According to the report, several “Dabai” in Beijing’s Fengtai District also went on strike to demand their pay in July.

Mr. Li, a media person familiar with the pandemic detection procedures, told Radio Free Asia that the state would subsidize the testing companies in terms of national nucleic acid testing, and the local authority is responsible for part of it. 

But some local authorities are expanding the so-called nucleic acid testing. Unfortunately, the state does not provide subsidies for this kind of local nucleic acid testing, so there needs to be more money to pay Dabai their wages.

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