The Financial Times on June 17 reported that Beijing had converted three Olympic villages into quarantine facilities for Covid-infected patients and the close-contact cases. 

At the time of the Winter Olympics in February, around 2,900 international athletes were housed in these compounds isolated from the rest of Beijing.

The newspaper also reported that last month officials sent hundreds of people who were close contacts of COVID-19 cases to the Olympic Village in Chongli. That’s after Beijing’s most populous district ran out of quarantine beds.

A Beijing resident named Sean told the newspaper that he was sent to the village after the Chinese tracking systeam detected his presence at a convenience store, where an infected person had visited.

He said he passed a statue of Olympic mascot Bing Dwen Dwen on his way into his quarantine room. Now, he is forbidden to leave the room.

He said, “I was quarantined at home for six days, then they took me here. I think I’ll need to stay here for seven days, but no one has told me any details.” 

A woman quarantined in the Olympic Village has posted a photo of a ski jumping center outside her window.

Hundreds of Beijing residents were also quarantined in the athletes’ village next to the Bird‘s Nest Stadium, where the Olympics opened. 

A guard said that this place used to be the Olympic Village, and now it’s a quarantine zone. He declined to say how many people were trapped inside.

In Yanqing, Beijing’s third Olympic Village and home to the alpine skiing event. A staff member confirmed that the village had also been turned into a quarantine camp.

Beijing has experienced a new outbreak linked to a popular bar, which has led to the closure public venues and mass testing.

The Financial Times reported that at least 200 people have been infected, and more than 6,000 have been forced to quarantine at home.

The new outbreak and closing of public venues in Beijing occurred just days after they had reopened following a month-long closure.

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