Beijing authorities are tightening restrictions as COVID cases surge.

Pang Xinghuo, deputy director of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention, held a press conference on May 17. There, she said that newly COVID-infected people in Beijing involved Fengtai District, Fangshan District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Xicheng District, Daxing District, and Mentougou District. Most of them are related to recent cluster outbreaks.

Fengtai District in Beijing May 17 implemented temporary control measures in several areas. The order made people stay home for a few days. The control time was scheduled from the 17th to the 24th.

However, the specific release time will depend on nucleic acid test results and the epidemic situation.

From 11:00 on May 17, Dwayao Station of Beijing Metro Line 14 and Qilizhuang Station of Line 9 and Line 14 will be closed. As of that day, the number of closed subway stations in Beijing reached 101.

In a video shared on Twitter, a construction worker is seen erecting barbed wire fencing outside residential buildings. The man who filmed the footage expressed his anger. He repeatedly asked the workers who told them to do that. He also wondered if it was a prison. Finally, the man ordered the workers to take all the erected fences down.

Then, one of the workers said fences were good for him. The man shouted at these workers and asked them to install fences in their houses instead.

The channel is unable to verify the location in the video. Yet, the user who uploaded the video wrote that he captured it in Beijing during the epidemic prevention and control period.

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