Beijing officials announced that the COVID-19 pandemic is basically under control in the city, and they have started to ease measures in some controlled areas. However, simultaneously, Beijing is building a large-scale field hospital with an urgent completion date of June 5. 

According to Taiwan media, in Fenghuangling, a Beijing suburb, a field hospital with over 6,000 sick beds is under frantic construction, raising doubts from outsiders as to the epidemic situation. 

China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) is an information portal for the construction machinery industry. Only people in the industry pay attention to this website, and the general public pays little attention. However, on May 27, the website published an article that got special attention from some readers. It was titled “Day and night heroically fight to meet the construction deadline! The concrete pump Zoomlion is all-out helping build the Fangcang field hospital in Beijing.”

“Fangcang” means square cabin hospital in Chinese and denotes isolated squares in temporary field hospitals. They first appeared in Wuhan, China, for use in the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Zoomlion’s Chinese YouTube channel posted a video with similar content on May 27.

As the article reported, Beijing is concentrating on building field hospitals, and the building of the Fenghuangling field hospital is the top priority. Everyone on site is working overtime to meet the scheduled completion date of June 5. 

A few days ago, Chengjia equipment renting company and Shun’an Leiming transport company in Beijing “first received the related construction order to urgently distribute equipment such as the Zoomlion concrete pump to help the capital stop the pandemic.” 

Some Zoomlion concrete pumps were delivered to the construction site and are continuously working to meet the schedule. The article also wrote that the staff had not had enough sleep. That situation has been going on for many nights as the construction effort continues 24 hours per day. At the same time, the local Zoomlion engineers are constantly “waiting for orders” every minute while inspecting and maintaining equipment so that it is available at a moment’s notice. 

Even though Zoomlion concrete pumps were urgently delivered to the Chengjia Company in Beijing, other companies such as Ma Tengweiye, Lu Xiuhe, and others are also participating in building the “Chaoyang field hospital” and the “Fangshan field hospital” in Beijing. 

This article unintentionally revealed some important news. Not only are administrative districts such as Chaoyang and Fangshan building “field hospitals” in local areas, but Beijing officials are totally focused on building large-scale field hospitals in remote areas like Fenghuangling. 

Even though the pandemic situation in Beijing is proclaimed as “decreasing,” Beijing officials still require people to work continuous overtime building large-scale field hospitals. They have to complete them before the deadline. This unusual phenomenon has received special attention from other countries. 

According to Taiwan’s EBC News, the size of the under-construction field hospital at Fenghuangling in Beijing is quite extensive. When completed, the Hospital will be four times bigger than Huoshenshan and Leishenshan hospitals in Wuhan. It will be the largest field hospital in mainland China. According to the report, it will have at least 6,000 sick beds. 

The report added that recently, a series of trucks in endless lines delivered prefabricated houses to the Fenghuangling construction site, and many workers carrying their luggage also arrived there. 

The report analyses that the frantic construction is to prepare in advance for something called “preventing the pandemic’s counterattack.” It’s said that Beijing officials will continue the “persistence of COVID elimination” policy and prepare for a “long-term resistance.”

However, NTDTV reported some overseas Chinese netizens doubtfully commenting: 

  • Is the pandemic in Beijing indeed decreasing? 
  • Are figures/data in the government’s reports hiding something? 
  • From the overtime working move and urgently building large-scale field hospitals, even this regime cannot believe it’s achieving “Covid elimination.” 
  • The “pandemic recur” in Beijing will (continue to) occur. 

According to Sina News, the spokesperson for the regime in Beijing said that, up to May 29, the number of COVID-19 cases in Beijing continuously decreased for eight days. However, during a pandemic prevention press conference in Beijing, the officials said that, up to 3 p.m. that day, Fengtai district discovered 18 more COVID-19 cases. Therefore, the Beijing pandemic situation is more “conspicuous,” which shows that the COVID elimination mission faces difficulties.  

Since the Chinese regime always hides information considered disadvantageous for them, the outside world often doubts the pandemic figures it reports. Moreover, three days after Beijing’s official announcement of “eliminating COVID from all over society,” there was an “unexpected” pandemic situation, which increased doubts in the outside world about the real pandemic situation in Beijing.

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