In February, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine. Shortly after that, China refused to call Russia’s move an “invasion.” China also said that Russia is its “most important strategic partner.”

However, there have been major changes in China’s relations with other countries recently.

China’s Foreign Ministry Zhao Lijian held a regular press conference on April 29. There, he reiterated that the Chinese and the U.S. always had friendly feelings toward each other. Zhao then added that the friendship between the two played an important foundation for the development of bilateral relations.

Xinhua News Agency, China’s mouthpiece, on April 30, invited Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba to give an exclusive interview. Kuleba also talked about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Qin Peng, a current affairs commentator for the Chinese media Da Ji Yuan, said that Beijing likely realized that Russia would lose the conflict. So it chose to turn to the U.S.

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