Under the Chinese government’s zero covid policy, chaos over Shanghai’s closure of the city has resurfaced in Beijing and Tianjin. Beijing has locked down 5 districts in a row, and tens of thousands of people in the Nanxinyua residential area in Chaoyang district have been quarantined. All 15 million residents in Tianjin have been required to “stay in place” and undergo nucleic acid-based testing. 

NTDTV cited Chaoyang County’s official announcement that 26 positive cases were found in the Nanxinyuan residential area, and 11 community helpers also tested positive. Soon after, more than 10,000 permanent residents in 36 buildings in Nanxinyuan Community were forced to go into quarantine as of May 20; local authorities even threatened with punishment if they did not obey. 

As RFI reported, according to media reports such as Radio Free Asia, AFP, Beijing Daily, and other media, residents of Nanxinyuan Community in Chaoyang District of Beijing were taken away on May 20 and began to be isolated in areas of concentration. Currently, 57 hotels in Chaoyang District have accepted the community residents. 

As the Chaoyang District Health Department announced, “experts have decided that from the midnight of May 21, all residents of the Nanxin community will be quarantined for 7 days, and are required to cooperate, otherwise they will face legal consequences.” 

RFI informed that a resident complained on Weibo explaining that some people in the community had been locked at home for 28 days since April 23, and their test results have been negative since then. He added that many of his neighbors are the elderly or have children at home.

Internet user Long Shao posted a video showing a long line of buses carrying people to quarantine and tweeted: “Nanxinyuan in Beijing, a woman in a neighboring community recorded a video of a bus carrying people to quarantine. Residents have been taken into quarantine since it was not dark until now, bus after bus. On the news, there seems to be no broadcast or report, the government ordered the entire community to be quarantined without missing a single person! It was terrible!” 

C’est la vie’s netizen also posted a video showing the scene inside a van carrying people to quarantine. also posted a video showing the scene inside a van carrying people to quarantine. C’est la vie wrote in Chinese, “#Beijing Nanxinyuan 13,000 people were quarantined after one night! A flock of sheep! A bunch of slayers! The Chinese Communist Party is a piece of garbage!” 

A resident complained on Weibo that although he and many residents in the area have been isolated since April 23, at 2:40 am on May 20, the Nanxinyuan Community, Chaoyang District of Beijing, informed that the whole community was required to go to an isolated area. The resident asked, “All nucleic acid tests are negative, and there are pets in the house. How can you be safe when going to quarantine? There are also a lot of neighbors with old people, children. Nanxinyuan handles the situation so blindly, and ignores everything like this? … What kind of Beijing is this? Who will come to save us? The Beijing I love really makes me sad!” 

The resident said helplessly: “I don’t know how to describe my current mood! Fear, anger, speechlessness and helplessness. We are dominated by fear and helplessness every day. Beijing really doesn’t want us anymore.” 

The account named Simonq posted a video showing a long line of people queuing for quarantine. The tweet said, “Haidian District, Beijing City, forced the whole family to go into quarantine at 1:00 am.” 

According to discussions on Weibo, residents were asked to bring their clothes and necessities and their homes would be disinfected, but the related post was later deleted. 

Vision Times revealed screenshots of some residents’ posts on Weibo, which expressed their concern that Beijing’s epidemic situation would be similar to Shanghai’s. Netizens said, “The situation here is completely the same as Shanghai. Initially, the electricity was cut off, the water was cut off, then the key was handed over … then disinfected. Equipment, furniture, clothing, food were all destroyed.” This post has at least 300 likes. 

As related incidents continued to occur, Mainland Chinese media “Beijing Youth Daily” reported on May 21, that Beijing’s Chaoyang district transported 5,000 residents of the Nanxinyuan Community to a quarantine camp on the same day, but did not provide specific details.  

After China’s two largest cities, Shanghai and Beijing, the country’s third-largest city, Tianjin, also faced a severe blockade that made people angry. 

NTDTV cited comments made by some Tianjin netizens on Weibo that all 6 districts in Tianjin and 4 suburban districts had people infected with Covid 19. An announcement was made by the Huafengjiayuan ​​Community Residential Committee in Dongli District of Tianjin. They threatened residents saying that due to the spread of the epidemic if people go out without permission after the nucleic acid test, the public security agencies will hold them accountable and the effects of these sanctions will affect future generations.

NTDTV also quoted comments from overseas Chinese-speaking netizens saying, “A party leadership that survives on such hooliganism should be wiped out! Shanghai yesterday, Beijing today and Tianjin. At the feet of the emperor, there is no difference, it’s still chives to harvest.” The Chinese now use the term chives to describe the people under the CCP regime, who are only treated as objects of harvest, profit and subject to the control of the CCP. 

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