A young woman in Jiangsu recently posted a video on the internet to ask for help from the netizens. Her video then went viral.

She said that after contracting the epidemic and having a fever, her upper edge grew a “mustache”. Until the infection symptoms were gone, the beard still showed no sign of shrinking.

Many netizens were shocked. Some say it is hormone problems and that the new variant entering the body destroys the body’s immune system and causes hormone imbalance.

In addition to the girl’s case, another video shared by netizens recorded the man’s face becoming swollen when he was positive for Covid. His face was so swollen that he couldn’t open his eyes.

Over the past month, many people positive for COVID have had terrible reactions. They have recorded and shared their condition online. These can be mentioned as the face is peeled, the hair turns white after a night, the body evaporates water, the lips are seriously damaged, … and so on.

So far, there have been no official reports from the authorities about these strains of COVID. However, thanks to the videos of brave people, the world has become somewhat more vigilant.

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