According to Baidu, the Tianjin government announced that from July 27 to 29, nucleic acid testing would be carried out for three consecutive days in the Jingkai Group and Binhai New Economic Zone in the Microelectronics Industrial Park in Dasi Town, Xiqing District.

The notice advises people in these areas not to leave the town or the area unless necessary and to wait for nucleic acid results to be available. Residents are not allowed to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary.

The microelectronics industrial park is the most affected area. Businesses such as SMIC (Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation) and NXP Semiconductors located in the industrial park have suspended production, and all employees are required to quarantine at home.

Residents of the Guijiangli residential area in Hexi District (Hexi) have also been quarantined.

However, the Tianjin government made such a big deal of it when only one asymptomatic case was confirmed on July 27. This makes it difficult for the outside world to understand.

Yue Shan, a current affairs observer, told Sound of Hope, “This is because Xi Jinping has always emphasized sticking to the zero covid policy, subordinates would rather be wrong than lose their position. There are very radical officials, or some who use this opportunity to get promoted, making the situation worse. Li Hong Zhong is the most famous flunky among officials, so it is unsurprising that only one case is enough to lock down and control.”

“On the other hand, the time before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China is particularly sensitive. Another reason is that the extreme zero covid epidemic prevention and control is not epidemic prevention but rather people prevention, it is necessary to rely on lockdown and control to maintain stability. The political intention may be even more realistic,” he said.

However, local leaders do not appear to be bound by these bans. A restaurant worker behind the government building in Dasi town, Xiqing district, told reporters from Sound of Hope that now customers cannot eat at the restaurant, only take it away. However, officials only need to speak, “If the leader wants to eat, we have to coordinate.”

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