Shanghai- China’s financial hub, has announced its plans to gradually reopen. The state media reported on May 16 that Shanghai would roll out the opening in phases, and “normal life” will resume on June 1.

However, Shanghai residents are skeptical of the announcement. Many of them have been disappointed in the past by changing schedules to lift restrictions.

As Reuters reported, authorities once said the lockdown would only last until April 5, when they first rolled it out on March 27. However, almost two months have passed, and the lockdown remains.

After the regime’s announcement regarding reopening the city broke, a large number of people poured into Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

These people have endured various sufferings under the city’s strict lockdown measures. They now gather at the station and wait for their turn to leave this place.

In one video, the police stopped a large bus. The underneath luggage compartment was full of people.

A long queue of people, many of them wearing protective clothing, waited in line outside to slowly enter the station and get on the train. The man who filmed the video said he couldn’t see the end of the queue.

Notably, the train station’s waiting room was also full of people.

More footage captured scenes of many passengers who couldn’t buy tickets sleeping on the ground at the station entrance.

Shanghai’s lockdown has long sparked anger and public frustration among citizens. They were confined to their homes for nearly two months following China’s strict zero-tolerance policy. The city’s 25 million citizens now see no end in sight.

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