Among the general secretaries of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Jiang Zemin is considered to have damaged the image and interests of the Chinese people the most.

Vision Times published on November 13 a report revealing secrets that many do not know about Jiang Zemin, the leader of a very influential faction in the CCP, and which has become the opposing faction to the current Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Jiang officially ruled as Secretary General of the CCP between 1989-2002 and China’s leader between 1993 and 2003.

According to the book Jiang Zemin Story, Jiang Zemin’s father is Jiang Shijun.

Jiang Shijun joined the pro-Japanese organization the Peace Salvation Council in 1938 after the massacre carried out by the Japanese army in Nanjing left hundreds of thousands of Chinese dead.

In November 1940, Jiang Shijun served as Vice Minister of Propaganda for Wang Jingwei’s government, which was a puppet government set up by Japan.

The mission of the Propaganda Department that Jiang Zemin’s father worked for was to make the Chinese agree to Japanese domination.

Jiang Shijun received many awards and certificates of merit from Japan for his achievements at the Ministry of Propaganda.

Lies and deceits

Not only did his father work as a henchman for Japan, but Jiang Zemin himself also worked as a spy for Japan.

Before 1945, when the Soviet Red Army entered the northeast of China, they obtained all documents about the commando system of Japanese general Doihara Kenji. In it, there are records and photos related to the Japanese training for Jiang Zemin.

Jiang once studied in Russia. The KGB, the main security agency for the Soviet Union, investigated the records and discovered that he had worked as a henchman for Japan. Thanks to this and knowing Jiang’s weakness in illicit relationships with Russian women, KGB forced him to work for Russia as a spy.

This may also be the reason why Jiang, as CCP’s general secretary, gave China’s land to Russia.

On December 11, 1999, People’s Daily reported that Jiang Zemin and Yeltsin had signed the protocol on the China-Russian boundary in Beijing.

The report pointed out that, in the agreement with Yeltsin, Jiang agreed to give Russia more than 1 million square kilometers of land, something that the Qing Dynasty did not agree to during negotiations with Russia in history.

On July 16, 2001, Jiang Zemin again signed with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB employee, the treaty of good neighborhood cooperation between Russia and China. Under the treaty, Jiang’s government recognized the disputed Vladivostok and far east regions as Russian territory.

Jiang’s other actions also show that he is a man who despises people’s lives.

In 1998, when people were suffering from a great flood with much loss of life and property, Jiang held a party with artists in Zhongnanhai. At this party, Jiang performed a song about the sea.

Jiang’s reign was also a reign of corruption. Jiang’s faction competed to plunder the nation’s wealth, their huge fortune was exposed by Xi’s faction in the past ten years.

As the leader, Jiang and his family are also at the forefront of corruption activities and use his influence for personal gain.

Chinese-born businessman Guo Wengui in 2018, after fleeing to the U.S., revealed that the Jiang family is among the richest in the world, holding a fortune of more than $500 billion.

Although Jiang wanted to be depicted as a patriot in his biography, that is far from the truth. In moments when the country needed him the most, such as the flood, the Chinese embassy bombing in Belgrade, the election in Taiwan, and the SARS pandemic, he passed the responsibility to others. 

Poor diplomatic manners

Jiang is also known for his grotesque acts, tarnishing the country’s image and the Chinese people.

In 1993, when Jiang visited France, he pulled at the hand of French President Jacques Chirac’s wife to dance the Waltz. This rude act angered the French public.

When he met the King of Spain in 1996, Jiang suddenly took out a comb from his pocket and combed his hair. In the evening, the king gave a banquet, and Jiang once again took out a comb to fix his hair. The world has never recorded such an act from other state leaders.

In 2022, when receiving President Bush and his wife, Jiang pulled the first lady of the United States up to dance. Not stopping, Jiang also dragged the US National Security Advisor then, Susan Rice, and the wife of the U.S. ambassador to China to dance with him.

Jiang also enjoys showing off his ability to sing and recite poems. Many times Jiang has embarrassed the Chinese by trying to demonstrate these abilities at parties with foreign officials.

Human rights violations

Jiang was also the secretary general that carried out the most brutal suppression of human rights. 

Jiang Zemin’s obsession with power and control suppressed any wish for democracy and freedom. It has deprived the Chinese people of their basic rights and took countless lives. 

Jiang was the master mind of the bloody massacre that murdered young pro-democracy demonstrators in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Ten years later, Jiang committed even more horrible crimes when he decided to launch a nationwide crackdown on a qigong practice called Falun Gong.

Falun Gong began to gain popularity in China in 1992. By 1999, there were an estimated 100 million Chinese who practiced this discipline of qigong and meditation and believed in the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Following the atheist theory of communism and the nature of a leader of a dictatorial organization, Jiang ordered the suppression of this practice in 1999.

In the campaign to suppress Falun Gong, he set up the 610 office—a Gestapo-like organization— together with prisons, forced labor camps, and brainwashing facilities throughout China.

In addition, it also destroyed the enormous material wealth that belonged to the Chinese people. The Chinese people’s tax money that Jiang took out to pour into the persecution of those who wanted to be good people is exorbitant, even after decades.

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