According to Apollo News, Xi Jinping’s party rivals have already started to take action against Xi Jinping as the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP’s) 20th National Congress is half a year away. 

For example, recent reports from the South China Morning Post (SCMP), the media outlet manipulated by Zeng Qinghong, undermine Xi Jinping.

A few days earlier, SCMP posted a Peking University report comparing the US and China after decoupling technology.

The study found that the CCP paid a greater price at both technological and industrial levels.

Afterward, SCMP released another article—”The US says China ties won’t stop Russian economic ‘catastrophe’ after any Ukraine invasion'” right on the Winter Olympics’ opening day, January 4th. 

The next day on February 5th, SCMP again criticized Beijing’s zero policy, warning that “China’s zero-Covid strategy risks further economic disruption” and quietly used people’s discontent to set Xi Jinping on fire.

According to the report, China’s continued zero-tolerance approach to the new variant virus will exacerbate consumer woes and supply chain risks, as well as frustrate China’s efforts to de-leverage and rebalance its economy.

SCMP quoted the analysis of Michael Hirson, head of Eurasia Group’s China and Northeast Asia practice. All is unfavorable to Beijing, such as, “Chinese policymakers face a risk that if they really do relax the policies significantly, there could be a major explosion in cases.”

“The bottom line is that the leadership has a tremendous amount at stake politically in ensuring that there are no major setbacks with Covid before the 20th party congress.”

“Most of the frustration is being vented to local governments, and the central government can exploit that by replacing local leaders, as they have done so many times,”

“It’s a way to insulate the central government from that frustration.”

According to Apollo, Xi’s anti-corruption efforts after he came to power directly touched Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong’s faction’s fundamental interests. 

When they arranged for Xi Jinping to take over as the CCP’s top leader, they had never expected the situation today. 

Therefore, they want to make every effort to block Xi Jinping from being re-elected and keep building their fortunes in silence.

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