The Chinese Communist Party’s “zero-COVID” policy has made the lives of Chinese people difficult and caused frequent humanitarian disasters. On November 24, a fire in a high-rise apartment building in Xinjiang caused heavy casualties, the reason was due to the lockdown measures. As a result, the Chinese people protested. Currently, large-scale protests have broken out in at least a dozen cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, and Urumqi. People in France, Italy, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places also began expressing solidarity.

Wuhan police are suspected of shooting into the air. Before the reappearance of “Tank Man” in Shanghai, netizens said that they cried. A girl cried bitterly before being pushed into a police car. An elderly gentleman nearby said that the people were like this over 30 years ago.

A Beijing woman gave a speech on the street, denouncing the regime as a “deceiver.”

Situation in Urumqi

The Twitter account “Like cute” posted a video showing a man in Urumqi asking a pandemic officer, “The World Cup brings together all the rich people in the world. They don’t even fear death, and yet you keep the poorest people like us here, saying it’s because you’re afraid we’re going to die. Do you feel anything about the fire two days ago? A 3-year-old child had a radish to eat every day for a month before he died. Who caused these tragedies?”


People in Tianjin also participated in the “white paper revolution.” The Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” posted a photo of two people standing on Binjiang Street holding up a blank sheet of paper to express anger at the brutal lockdown of the regime.


The Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” continued to post a video with a large number of armed police, and said, “Someone was arrested in Haizhu Square, Guangxi City.”

Also people chanted, “Freedom of speech! Freedom of the press! Freedom of the individual!”

This video (0:27) shows, that at the gate of Chisha University of Finance and Economics in Haizhu district, the protest was still taking place.

The person who posted this video said that, at 11:50 p.m. in Haizhu Square, police grabbed people, and outsiders shouted to let them go.


At the Culture Square of Zhejiang University, some school leaders also joined the students and proposed to end that night’s activity by singing the school song together.

A video posted by the Twitter account “Investigative news” shows the protest.


Violent clashes between police and civilians also broke out in Chongqing. Chaotic scenes can be seen in a video posted by Twitter account “Old driver.”


The Twitter account Potato Mom posted a video showing a woman in Wangping Street, Chengdu, asking the police: “Why are you locking us down? Do you know how miserable the people are? People feed you, you are parasites. You still want to bite us, eat us, skin us, drink our blood, do you have a conscience?”

Someone in the crowd chanted, “Take off your uniform and join us!”

Another video shows a large number of people coming out from Wangping Street marching.

A video posted by Twitter account “TragedyInChina” shows people on the street chanting. “Freedom of press, freedom of speech!”

They also chanted: “Fighting Dictatorship”!

The police then burst into the crowd and started arresting people, making them dispersed and flee.


Wuhan police are suspected of shooting into the air. In a video posted on Twitter, by “Douban Goose Group Daily” said, “The police fired! More than a hundred years ago, the Wuchang Uprising fired the first shot. Will history repeat itself? The only difference is that this time it was the butchers who fired the guns!”

This video shows that it rained heavily in Wuhan, and the protests spread to Duofu Street.

The Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher” posted a video and said that tens of thousands of people had gathered on Hanzheng Street in Wuhan, and the scene was very crowded. The mayor had come out to negotiate.


This video shows police officers in Liangmaqiao, Beijing starting to clean up the area.

In the video it looks like several people were arrested, and the crowd chanted for their release.

Some people present on the Agricultural Exhibition Bridge and vehicles passing by honked their horns in support.

It is reported that in Xinyuan, Beijing, the police started arresting people, dividing the crowd and using pepper spray.

This video shows a man in white at Liangmaqiao giving a speech, saying that they are human, they want human rights, they want freedom!

This video shows, people in Xinyuan chanting slogans, “Be free, not doing nucleic acid testing, no more lockdown. Respect the people!”

Some netizens said that Beijing residents were leaving the Liangma Bridge and heading toward the capitol building.

This video shows a Beijing woman giving a speech in the street, pointing out that the fire in Xinjiang was a man-made disaster. But officials even said that the doors were not locked although citizen reports stated otherwise. She lamented that the people died in a man-made disaster and mainstream media did not report anything. “All of them lied, all of them were silent.”

She held up a blank sheet of paper and said, “We didn’t say anything, all the words and all the accusations were in our hearts.”

She said that the lockdown must be lifted, the exits and the people’s livelihoods must not be blocked. The regime must know how to listen to the people’s voice, and know how to mourn the people.

The people around gave her warm applause and said “thank you”!

This photo shows the outskirts of the Liangma River has been blocked.


Some netizens said that at about 9:00 p.m. local time, the protest on Wulumuqi Road in Shanghai ended. The police arrested people. Then they extended the lockdown areas.

The “Tank man” has reappeared in Shanghai. A young man stood in front of a police car. Then a group of policemen rushed in, knocked him over and took him away.

This video shows the police putting detainees on a bus and beating them.

At the gate of the Iranian Consulate on the west side of Fuxing Road, police detained two busloads of people.

This video shows, at about 8 o’clock, at the intersection of Wuyuan Road and Changshu Road, the police beat people. Some netizens said that the Changshu Road station of the 7th metro line in Shanghai near the incident has been blocked off.

People chanted slogans such as: “No PCR tests, we want food. No restrictions, we want freedom. No lies, we want dignity. No Cultural Revolution, we want reform. No leaders, we want votes. No being slaves, we want to be citizens.” Those are the words of “the Sitong Bridge hero” in Beijing named Peng Zaizhou, before the CCP’s 20th National Congress. Then someone shouted that the constitution stipulates that all rights belong to the people, we want to reclaim our rights.

On the night of November 26, people in Shanghai gathered at the intersection of Wulumuqi Road and Anfu Road, chanting “Down with the Communist Party,” “Resign Xi Jinping!” Many people were later arrested. According to the latest news, people then gathered, demanding the regime release them. The video was posted by the Twitter account “Teacher Li is not your teacher.”

Then, a long line of police cars arrived at the scene.

This video shows that as it got dark, the police began to clear the area and cordon off the scene.

It was reported that cell phone signals were blocked near the protest site, and the affected area continued to expand.

This video shows, at 19:35 local time, on Wuyuan Street, south of the intersection of Wulumuqi Road and Anfu Road, people still held up blank sheets of paper asking the police to release people. 

According to another disclosure by netizens, the Cyberspace Administration of China launched an enhanced internet emergency response at 6:00 p.m. to control public opinion. Some also revealed that state-owned enterprises have also issued notices prohibiting employees from spreading and commenting on information related to social events on the internet.

On the night of November 26, thousands of students and residents of Shanghai came to the intersection of Wulumuqi Road and Anfu Road to commemorate the victims of the fire in the apartment building in Urumqi. People lit candles, laid flowers, chanted “Liberate Urumqi,” “Liberate Xinjiang,” “Liberate the Nation,” and some could be heard chanting “Resign Xi Jinping,” “Down with the Communist Party,” and “No dictatorship, we need democracy.”

AP interviewed witnesses at the scene, and said Shanghai authorities sent hundreds of police to the scene to patrol.

According to information on the internet, the police blocked intersections in three directions and asked people to go through the only remaining intersection. By 3 a.m., there were only about 30 to 40 people left at the scene and the police began to arrest them.

Hong Kong

An image shows that a cardboard placard with the words “November 24 deeply mourned” appeared at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

Foreigners express sympathy

In the Irish capital of Dublin, people lit candles and laid flowers in memory of the victims of the fire in Xinjiang.

The same goes for the Center Pompidou in Paris, France.

At Bastille Square in Paris, some people put up a homemade sign about the Wulumuqi Road to show support for the protesters in Shanghai.

In Milan, people paid tribute to the victims in Urumqi with white sheets, flowers, and candles.

In Japan, on the ground floor of the west exit of Shinjuku city, several people gathered, placing flowers and candles in memory of the victims of the fire in Urumqi on November 24. The words “Don’t be afraid, don’t forget, don’t forgive” are written in English next to the pictures.

In Taiwan, according to the Central News Agency (CNA), on the evening of November 26, at Freedom Square in Taipei, spontaneous activities of support took place for the Chinese people. People lit candles and laid flowers. Some read the names of Chinese universities participating in the protests, while others shouted, “Go on!”

At night, there were more and more banners and signs in support with the words “Down with the Communist Party,” “Everybody rise up and don’t submit to slavery.”

In Australia, a crowd paying tribute to the victims of the fire in Urumqi also appeared in Brisbane City Square. Many people held up a blank sheet of paper to express their disapproval.

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