On May 19, Shanghai officials announced that “business and markets will resume,” but the closure and control remain.

Shanghai citizens assumed that officials promoted false news about “unblocking” and “fireworks,” making them angry.

Two days before, in an online video from Longbai Sancun Community, a group of people beat gongs and drums and held up signs saying, “Celebrate the unblocking.” An older man came into the filming site and angrily asked whether the lockdown had been lifted or not. And some people there also denounced this “formalism.”

On Monday, Vice-Mayor Zong Ming said that the city authorities would switch to “normal virus control” mode from June 1 to mid-June or late June.

She also revealed that the daily life and production would return to normal. However, officials are still vigilant to prevent any risks from new cases.

According to SCMP, since daily infections of Covid-19 continue to decrease, Shanghai’s health authorities will relax by following a “phased” plan on the same day as the new control mode. They are trying to gradually return China’s commercial hub to normality by late June.

Zong said that if the residential compounds haven’t had new community infections in the past 14 days, some shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, and barbershops will be allowed to reopen from Monday.

She added residents also are allowed to go out if they are in a “low-risk” zone that’s been case-free for the past 14 days.

But in fact, most Shanghai residents are still under severe lockdown. Moreover, the stark contrast between official propaganda and reality has sparked anger among Shanghai citizens.

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