According to Akio Yaita, Taipei branch manager of Japanese media outlet Sankei Shimbun, China’s politics is currently witnessing extreme infighting among the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ‘s factions. He wrote on Facebook that at this point, Xi Jinping had lost his political dominance to some extent.

First, Akio pointed out that the CCP’s official media coverage of Xi has recently decreased. Instead, state-run media has favored Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, with many articles about him.

For example, both CCP’s mouthpiece Xinhua News and People’s Daily published a 9,000-word article on economic policy speech by Li Keqiang on the same day, May 14. According to Akio, this coincidence is unusual because Li has never received such attention before.
In addition, on May 17, People’s Daily reported about the meeting between Li and the Prime Minister of Pakistan on its front page. On the contrary, there was no headline about Xi Jinping.

Secondly, Akio analyzed a video of the Premier’s recent visit to Yunnan University. The video featured Li walking among hundreds of people. No one was wearing masks.

Akio said Li’s act defies Xi Jinping’s Zero-Covid epidemic-control policy. This indicates that there are contradictions within the Party. Li’s move might also signal that Beijing might change the epidemic prevention policy.

Also, the Liber Times Net points out that Yunnan was one of the 12 provinces and cities that the Premier visited. None of them are cities led by Xi’s confidants, like Shanghai, Chongqing, or Beijing.

Thirdly, Akio wrote that the infighting among factions had emerged two months ago. He cites the odd of some personnel changes within the party.
The first one is Hubei Provincial Party Secretary Ying Yong. The Hubei official is considered a loyalist of Xi. However, he suddenly retired earlier than the compulsive age at the end of March.

The second one is Tianjin Mayor Liao Guoxun. Party’s newspaper reported that Liao was dead after a sudden illness on April 27. It didn’t clarify the cause of Liao’s illness. But previously, on April 25, SCMP reported that Liao still appeared in good health on Tianjin TV’s event broadcast clip.

Akio concluded that the result of the infighting between two factions depends on two factors. One is the outcome of the Zero-Covid policy led by Xi Jinping. Two is whether Beijing will continue to support Russia. If one of these policies changes, people can tell that the Xi faction has lost.

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