The number of Americans having unfavorable views of China has been increasing for several years, and this year, it set a new record, with an 82% increase or 6 points over 2021.

The Pew Research Center released the poll’s result on Thursday, April 28, after polling 3,581 American adults in March this year.

According to Pew, a Washington-based research center, two-thirds of survey participants considered Beijing a major threat, up by five percentage points from 2020 and 23 percentage points since the poll was first taken in 2013.

Pew survey revealed that most U.S. adults regard China’s partnership with Russia as a severe problem for the U.S. Accordingly, nine-in-ten people surveyed called it at least a somewhat serious problem for the United States, and 62% claimed it is a “severe problem.”

The Washington-based center’s survey further showed that two-thirds of Americans favor pressing China on human rights even if it damages the economic relationship.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, Beijing has been unpopular in the U.S. for years.

The newspaper, citing the result of Washington-based Gallup Inc.’s survey, resulted in a similar response to Pew’s poll results.

The Gallup poll shows the number of U.S. adults having an unfavorable opinion of China was 79%, compared with 82% in the Pew result.

U.S.–China relations have deteriorated dramatically in recent years. Meanwhile, the China–Russia relationship has attracted notice since the two presidents signed a “no-limit” agreement in early February. However, the Pew result shows that 90% of Americans see it as a problem.

Three weeks later, Putin sent his military forces to war with Ukraine. Russia’s move has received strong condemnation from Western countries, while China has declined to criticize the war or even call it an invasion.

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