The annual Black Friday event is one of the biggest shopping events in the world, especially in the recent year, Black Friday evolved with online shopping, and their promotion period extended until Monday, called Cyber Monday.

Amazon is the biggest online shopping website in North America and in many other countries.

Wang Meng, who is in charge of the operations of a cross-border e-commerce company in Shenzhen, said that on “Black Friday” last year, they sold $1.5 million on Amazon, but this year sales are only $900,000.

On April 30th, many listed products were removed from Amazon due to suspicions of falsifying product reviews.

Since May 2021, Chinese sellers have been sorted out and banned on Amazon. It’s not new for Amazon to screen sellers from China. But according to Wang Xin, this is Amazon’s most extensive filtering in the past five years.

On September 17th, Cindy Tai, Amazon’s Global Vice President, said that Amazon had shut down 600 Chinese brands, which involved nearly 3,000 brands and included big-sale accounts. These sellers have repeatedly abused the comment function. Amazon has decided to end its cooperation with these sellers after repeated warnings.

Dai Lingfei information that 600 Chinese brands are involved in repeated comment abuse, identity fraud, bribery, and selling illegal products. These brands have been blocked.

Major domestic sellers such as Aoji Technology, Tongtuo Technology, Youkeshu, Patuoxun, and Zebao have all taken their leading brands off the shelves due to suspicions of illegal activities. These accounts generate huge revenue on Amazon’s online shopping website.

In 2020 the financial report of approximated sales for:
Youkeshu is $745 million
Zebao is $753 million
Patoxun is $776 million
Tongtuo Technology is $1.1 billion

During the ban’s implementation, Zebao had 330 pages suspended from selling on the Amazon platform, and the company’s third-quarter sales fell 74.88% compared to last year.

The figures show the reality that the Chinese sellers’ quick money is gone, and business tactics are not tolerated in the U.S. market.

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