Satellite images recently showed the China military is building up large-scale targets in a remote desert to simulate its future attack.

Maxar Technologies took pictures from space. The pictures showed a simulated target of a full-size U.S. Navy aircraft carrier in the Taklimakan Desert in Xinjiang. There are also at least two simulations of Burke-class guided-missile destroyers in a new shooting range.

WIO News reported on May 13 that the Chinese training for anti-ship missiles has improved drastically with smaller targets like ships and naval stations.

A navy analyst in Taipei says the satellite images show evidence of a training camp in Xinjiang’s remote desert with a model ship anchored in a naval base simulating the northeast Taiwan area and Guam targets.

China learns that the U.S. base on Guam is a second defense line east of Japan and a tough obstacle to its goal of reuniting Taiwan.

Lu Li-Shih, a retired Taiwan navy officer, said the captured photos looked like Taiwan’s Suao naval base, where the Yilan Kidd-class destroyer is stationing.

In a South China Morning report on Thursday, Lu Li-Shih said that the mock-ups and drills show the People’s Liberation Army of China is simulating precision strikes on both the Guam naval base and the Suao military port, using China’s YJ-21 anti-ship missiles.

In his report, military analyst H I Sutton said that the characteristics and locations are obviously meant for testing ballistic rockets. He added that China’s latest hypersonic anti-ship ballistic missiles are a significant threat to the ally’s warships.

According to the Voice of America, those large ships’ mock targets simulate U.S. Navy forces are targets under the Chinese Rocket Force fire range.

It reflects the Chinese military’s hunger to raise countermeasures amid the tension between China and the United States due to tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

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