On September 27, Beijing Daxing International Airport issued a notice on its social media account. Accordingly, the Langfang City Terminal and Zhuozhou City Terminal of Daxing Airport will postpone their operation starting from September 28. And the time to end the suspension for each will be notified in the future. 

The reason given is to comply with COVID pandemic prevention and control requirements.

According to Chinese media ET, many colleges and universities in Beijing reported on COVID outbreaks this month. Outbreaks also occurred in Hebei Province. 

Yet, there hasn’t been any official announcement warning that the COVID situations in Hebei and Beijing are serious. 

On September 21, screenshots of large-scale flight cancellations at various airports across the country circulated on China’s social media. Many online users debated the possible reasons behind this incident.

Data collected by netizens reveals that as of 10:35 p.m. that evening, 9,583 flights across China were canceled, resulting in a cancellation rate of 59.66 percent.

The next day, Chinese media Tencent described the news as rumors, adding that it would immediately take action against any accounts that publish and spread rumors.

In addition, it stated that such high flight cancellation rates had been the norm since the COVID outbreak.

No official explanation for the flight cancellations has been released so far.

On September 24, Chinese American commentator Chen Pokong stated on his YouTube channel that the reason for large-scale flight cancellations was not due to the COVID outbreaks.

The incidents of large-scale flight cancellations had also happened before the CCP’s 18th and 19th National Congresses. He, therefore, suspected that it was a result of political struggles.

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