A Shanghai man named Ding Deyuan told Da Ji Yuan News on May 31 that he had written a petition to the Chinese government. 

Ding initially intended to wait until printing shops opened, and then he would send the print-version letter via the post office. 

However, Ding later decided to make the letter public, fearing that authorities could take him to jail at any time. 

At the beginning of the letter, Ding pointed out why residents have difficulties defending their rights. He wrote that it is due to the party’s failure to manage the system according to the law. Ding urged the government to manage and control officials, and he hoped General Xi could see his letter. 

The system’s operation and the petitioners’ demands might then be handled legally. 

Ding later took his case as an example for rights protection. Shanghai government confirmed to award him a house for his contribution to a key project in the area in 1989. However, he has not received the house for ten years.  

He sent the request to the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government Petition Office ten years ago. However, his case has not been resolved, and he has not received any explanation. 

Therefore, he reported his case to the General State Council Office’s Complaint Department and ended up with a meeting at Heqing Police Station.

The police station later dispatched people to monitor him and restrict his freedom for a long time. Then he was also not allowed to use public transportation, including buses and taxis, and he was also not permitted to leave the Heqing Town’s boundary.  

Whenever he had a dispute or confrontation with the person monitoring him, the police from Heqing police station would immediately show up and take him to the police station. He was then sent home at night under continuous guarding.

Thinking that he was detained under the illegal practice of Heqing Police Station, he has called 110 to inform them of the case. His self-defense act was judged as “obstructing official duties.”

In response, Ding has appealed several times from department to department, from level to level. However, the Shanghai No.1 Intermediate People’s Court and Shanghai High Court did not accept the grounds for his dissatisfaction. Eventually, he was imprisoned twice consecutively for three years and eight months. 

After his release from prison, Ding continued appealing. His action has resulted in his pension being suspended, and his medical insurance also stopped. 

Then, Ding filed an administrative lawsuit and appealed to higher departments. However, all of these departments have finally dismissed his appeal without informing him of the reason. 

His insurance was finally unsealed, and he also started to receive a minimum living allowance this March. However, regarding Ding’s initial petition case, the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government still did not reply to his petition. 

Sharing with Da Yi Juan News, Ding surmises that the hardships he has undergone are caused by the Shanghai local government’s arrogant administration. 

Ding said he was detained illegally and prohibited from leaving Shanghai for Beijing. Meanwhile, the Shanghai government could detain him illegally without reason, and his petition case remained unsolved for ten years without any explanation. This means these officials currently are under no charge for any of its violations.

He concluded that this type of administration originates from the government’s failure to restrain its power and is also a result of the shift from justice to power.

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