Recently, the Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China and the Premier of the State Council of the Communist Party of China has made completely opposite statements about the current living conditions of China’s people. 

Specifically, the CCP’s Propaganda Department stated at the June 28 “China Decade” press conference that, since 2012, the CCP has made “historic achievements” in building a prosperous society in China, and all 98.99 million poor rural people have been lifted out of poverty, without large-scale re-poverty, while still achieving relatively full employment.

However, just a day earlier, Premier Li Keqiang made a completely contradictory statement.

Xinhua reported that on June 27, Premier Li Keqiang visited the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Communist Party of China and the Ministry of Manpower and Social Security. When chairing a symposium, he said that due to factors such as epidemics and natural disasters, the number of people in trouble has increased and China’s economy has been “derailed.” The Prime Minister emphasized that the economy, in general, has recovered, but the foundation is still not solid. The focus of work now is on stabilizing the economy, promoting jobs, and ensuring people’s livelihoods through employment.

The China Poverty Alleviation Magazine quoted Premier Li as he told conference attendees: “The unemployment rate must be lowered and controlled as soon as possible. Dynamic supervision must be strengthened; the unemployed, those who need to be placed on a subsistence allowance, and those who are temporarily trapped, etc must be identified in a timely manner. Events affecting the moral bottom line should be prevented.”

According to Aboluowang, Li Keqiang’s above statement reflects that the current unemployment rate in China is still high, people’s livelihoods are facing many difficulties, and the probability of extreme events in Chinese society has skyrocketed.

Recently, small and medium enterprises have suffered layoffs and pay cuts, which are the mainstay of China’s job market.

A recent report by Zhaopin Recruitment shows that the Chinese job market is becoming more competitive, with more and more factories laying off workers or stopping recruitment. Small businesses have been hardest hit by the lockdown.

The report conducted a sample survey of 950 Chinese companies in April and May this year and found that only 27% of SMEs said they would recruit new people as planned.

Among micro-businesses with less than 50 employees, 26% had losses ranging from 50% to 75%, only 9% said they were not affected by the epidemic, and 11% said they are facing bankruptcy. Among large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees, 6% lost between 50% and 75%, and 1% of enterprises said they could stop doing business.

According to another report by Zhaopin Recruitment, as of April this year, out of 10 million new graduates in 2022, only 46.7% have job opportunities, down 63% from a year ago, and monthly contract salary also fell 12% year-on-year, averaging 6,507 yuan (about $1,000). The Epoch Times says that the plight of China’s small and medium-sized enterprises has been deliberately ignored by official propaganda, and the current performance of the Chinese job market goes against the propaganda of the CCP.

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