Many areas in Shanghai just lifted from the lockdown have been blocked again since cases of infection emerged. However, most Covid-19 infections are not publicly reported, and residential areas’ notices also avoid mentioning positive cases, only reporting so-called “nucleic acid tests included abnormalities.”

On June 2, screenshots of various notices circulating on Chinese Internet showed that the Shanghai government requested two nucleic acid tests in the blocked area of ​​Wuningnan, Wanhangdu, Kangding Road, and all residents “must not step foot out of the house” before getting their test results. At the same time, the shops in the area are temporarily closed.

The above area is under the management of the Caojiadu residential area. Each neighborhood committee’s notice format was the same, stating that the reason for the re-closing was “on June 1, some people with abnormal nucleic acid test results were identified walking in the area”.

According to the information posted by the user @MuYangLee_XWKD on Twitter and screenshots of the Chinese network, not only the areas mentioned above, but also the nearby Chāngpíng Road was blocked. Police officers also blocked Jiangning Road, adjacent to Caojiadu, with iron railings to prevent people from going out.

On the morning of June 2, the Shanghai International Finance Center in the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone suddenly received a notice saying that customers were not allowed in and it had to close urgently. In the online video, the crowd rushes to the elevator downstairs, and the sales staff is also running away.

An insider revealed, “The international finance center also has positive cases, it just opened today and has to be closed urgently. What happened?”

Besides, a video shows that the Shanghai Tianlin Twelve Village lockdown was lifted on June 1 and was locked again on June 2. People are only allowed to enter without exiting. 

NTDTV quotes a citizen in Minhang residential area in Shanghai who said that, 2 days ago, he heard that there were 2 positive cases in his area. In the last 2 days, an apartment building at the next gate was under isolation, and another apartment building on the right was also closed that day. However, the official account of Shanghai city—”Shanghai fabu”—on Weibo did not announce any positive cases in these residential areas. 

Additionally, on the night of June 1, Huinan Town, Nanhui District, New Pudong quarter, called the citizens to urgently stay home because there were 5 positive cases and 43 closed-contact people appeared in New Meihua village. All of them were isolated, and all buildings in the residential area were locked. 

On June 1, the neighborhood committee of Xinkai 8 village, Songjiang district, also announced the temporary lockdown and in-out supervision for Buildings 3, 6, 7 and 10 of Lanxinyuan residential area because of “the abnormality in nucleic acid testing management” and the issue is under investigation. The affected area only allows citizens to enter. Time to lift the lockdown is yet to be announced. 

On June 1, Shanghai had just “lifted the lockdown,” and all the citizens living in “low-risk areas” were able to move about freely. However, some “medium and high-risk areas” have not re-opened yet.

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