Shanghai officials announced that starting from June 1 the city would gradually reopen work and production after a two-months lockdown. But after the so-called “unblocking”, “hard quarantines” still continue as if the lockdown had never ended. So many Shanghai citizens were brave enough to speak up their minds and oppose the continual lockdown

The WeChat user with the nickname Zi Jie posted footage on June 7.

In the video, at the Changle Road there’s a black shirt man behind the green “hard isolation” fence surrounding Lane 339. He stood with a speaker in his hand, voicing his protest against the unreasonable closure and control.

The voice from the speaker said that he is the witness for the community and helped spread its word. The community has been dealing with unknown powers and hooligans. In the early morning of Jun 4, the official staff illegally imprisoned their community. That night, unknown groups dressed in white, face covered and did not name their identity, went from door to door, violently smashing doors until late at night. (nội dung ở đoạn đầu video)

After that is the scene of police dispersing the surrounding people.

Some epidemic staff in white suits asked the citizens not to take pictures, and some citizens responded: “You are exercising public authority, you know? It is our private right to take pictures here. Why’re we not even allowed to take pictures?!”

Some people in the crowd shouted out loud: “The camera can be broken, people’s hearts can’t be broken, and eyes can’t be damaged. Today’s us are tomorrow’s you.” (video 3:05-3:12)

After the police came to talk to the man, he was arrested. Some people shouted: 

“Why arrest people?! What power do you have to arrest people?!”

Finally, the man can only say thanks to everybody and get in the police car.

Another shouted, “Freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law!” (4:00-4:20)

At present, this video has been censored. And it was reposted more than 40,000 times in one day but was quickly deleted on Wechat.

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