On July 5, a notice of refusal to accept the denunciation letter signed by the Health Bureau of Quanzhou County, Guangxi Province, was posted online. According to the announcement, unplanned children born in the whole district were removed for so-called social adjustment. Netizens said: “The traffickers are terrible. There’s even a regular army.”

According to Zhihu, in June this year, Tang Yueying and Deng Zhensheng filed a denunciation letter to the Guangxi Appeals Office that local officials “Kao Lijun” and others are kidnapping and trafficking children. After that, the Appeals Office transferred the denunciation file to the Quanzhou County Health and Medicine Bureau for handling.

On July 1, the Quanzhou County Health and Medicine Bureau issued a “Notice of non-acceptance of Tang Yueying and Deng Zhensheng’s denunciation letter.”

According to the notice, “Based on the severe situation of family planning work in the whole region in the 1990s, the policy of ‘population control and population quality improvement’ was carried out seriously. Children born in violation of the family planning policy have been sent away for social adjustment. The district government’s decisions are based on the implementation requirements of the district and city family planning conferences and the intense family planning situation in the community.

The number of children born by Tang Yueying and Deng Zhensheng above the legal limit (that is, the seventh child) was subjected to “social adjustment” by the government, without the problem of child abduction and trafficking. Therefore, to facilitate and promote the development of family planning work in the district, it is not advisable to keep records of the whereabouts of newborns who were socially adjusted by the district at that time. Therefore, our office will not accept your petition.”

China, in the past, has implemented family planning policies. As a result, each family can only have one or two children depending on the period prescribed by the regime. As defined by the authority, children born when their parents have had enough children are called unplanned babies.

The announcement was immediately posted on the Internet and quickly became a hot search on Weibo, causing much criticism from netizens.

Sound of Hope has compiled some comments from netizens:

  • “Normal people wouldn’t come up with such a policy;
  • This is China in July 2022? Legally confiscating unplanned babies?????;
  • Humans are not objects. How can it be said “social adjustment”? Such dehumanizing things have happened in China! Because of rights and interests, some people have lost their most basic humanity, not even equal to animals;
  • This is not a family planning issue, nor is it a matter of officials receiving denunciation letters and not addressing them. All of this is trivial. Whether the child being society adjusted is still alive or not is a big issue that needs to be carefully considered in the background;
  • Deprivation of the right to reproduce is indeed no king’s law;
  • In this magical country, every day strange things happen;
  • I curse the staff of the National Family Planning Department will / to be punished by the gods, and after they die, they will be lowered to 18 levels of hell. I’m speechless.”

Deng Mei, the older sister of the boy Deng Xiaozhou who was taken away, told Jimu News on the afternoon of July 5 that, because her family could not pay the $900 fine, her parents, younger brother, and eldest sister were taken to Quanzhou county. After that, her younger brother was taken away. Over the years, the parents and older sister at home have wandered around looking for their son. Now that the parents are old, their biggest wish in life is to find their young son.

Where did the missing children go?

In 2011, Caixin published an in-depth investigative report, “Abandoned Children,” that shocked the country. The article describes: “On the long road to find relatives, Yang Libing, a native of Hunan, brought a laminated photo. The baby girl in the photo is his first child, Yang Ling. She is about seven years old this year.

In 2005, Yang Ling was taken from her family while she was still wearing diapers. The girl was not kidnapped by traffickers but was forcibly taken away by family planning officers in the town in the name of not paying “social care fees.”

Four years later, Yang Libing finally knows his daughter’s whereabouts—she is in the United States.

The article writes: “The plight of the Yang family is not an isolated case. Over the years, nearly 20 babies born in Longhui County, Shaoyang City, Hunan Province, were taken away by the family planning department and separated from their parents.

The family planning department explains that most of these babies and young children are abandoned children who were “raised illegally” by farmers. But in reality, quite a few babies and young children are newborns; some are not unplanned babies.

Reporters said. “From 2002 to 2005, the family planning department forcibly removed newborns on the grounds that their parents violated the family planning policy.”

“Once the target is firmly locked, the family planning officers, at least 4 to 5 people, up to 10 people, under the leadership of village officials, quickly surround families with unplanned babies and forcibly taken away the infants and children, the only condition to redeem the child is to hand over the money.”

As Caixin editor Zhang Jin recalls, a person familiar with the matter said that for every newborn sent to an orphanage, the family planning officer could receive $150 or more. The director of the Shaoyang Orphanage confirmed that between 2002 and 2005, the Home Affairs Office and the Family Planning Office of Gaoping Town, Longhui District, brought 13 newborns to the orphanage.

Another person familiar with the matter revealed to Sound of Hope reporters that 20 to 30 years ago in Guangxi, any family with an excess birth rate would be forced to send their children to an orphanage. The children are “sold” to foreign countries for adoption for about $890. This is a government action and is an open “secret” within the Chinese regime.

After the report by Caixin, the authorities investigated, and five months later, they completely denied news of the newborns’ trafficking. They said that out of the 14 newborns involved in the incident, eight were abandoned and adopted illegally, and five were because the local people concealed their blood relationship. One was an illegitimate child and was voluntarily taken by his biological parents to an orphanage.

A 2014 article by the China Youth Daily reported on a newborn baby girl who had been put up for adoption 23 years ago, exposing the case of the forced removal of unplanned babies in Dazhou, Sichuan. Xie Xianmei was forcibly removed from her home by the family planning office when she was only six months old because her parents could not afford to pay the $1200 fine.

According to Global Udnl, since 1995, China has become the most important “adoption export country” to the United States. In 2005, nearly 8,000 Chinese children were adopted into the United States. Although the total number of international adoptions in the United States has decreased year-on-year since 2006, 1,475 children from China were still adopted by American families in 2018, accounting for a quarter of all international adoptions in the United States.

According to a 2021 report by NetEase, hundreds of thousands of Chinese children have been adopted abroad.

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