An elderly gentleman in Shanghai expressed his despair, “The Party monopolizes the world. … Without democracy, I won’t reincarnate in the next life!”

On November 14, in a Chinese video, an elderly man in Shanghai said, “If there is an afterlife, I will have to make it clear to God. Without democracy, I won’t reincarnate!” When he was asked, “Without democracy you won’t reincarnate right?” The man replied, “After I die, I will make it clear to God that if there is no afterlife, that’s okay, but if I reincarnate (into a country) without democracy, I definitely am not going to reincarnate.”

The interviewer asked him if he thought that there was democracy on the world. And the man said that he thought that the world belonged to the Chinese Communist Party.

To this, those who heard the story the general consensus was that the elderly gentleman spoke the truth and was wise and one person said, “I don’t want to be Chinese in my next life, neither in this life, without democracy, I don’t want to reincarnate here.”

The Chinese Communist Party claims to be a democratic country, but media reports point to censorship, surveillance, and suppression: No, China is not a “democratic” country.

According to Radio Free Asia (RFA), U.S. President Joe Biden said at the opening ceremony of the December 9, 2021, Democratic Summit that the warning signs of a democratic setback are “challenges of the times.” Biden called on democratic nations to take concrete action to strengthen democracy and combat authoritarianism, fight corruption, and promote and ensure human rights. Representatives from all walks of life and from more than 100 countries around the world participated.

But China, which was not invited, repeatedly hit back, not only declaring that “China is a worthy democratic country,” but also attacking American democracy. China Central Television’s foreign propaganda machine Global Television Network (CGTN) also produced a feature film “American Democracy from the Bottom,” criticizing the chaos of American democracy. The official news agency Xinhua also produced a series of short films in English mocking American-style democracy.

Voice of America reported that in December 2021, the White House announced that the purpose of holding the summit on democracy in the United States was to bring together “a wide range of governmental and nongovernment leaders from every region of the world to propose a positive agenda for democratic renewal.” Taiwan was invited, China wasn’t. The Chinese are restricted from participating in politics and China is not a democratic country.

China is a one-Party state run by the Chinese Communist Party, where eight small political groups are allowed to exist under the auspices of the CCP-controlled United Front, but they are not allowed to challenge the CCP. China has an executive branch (State Council), a legislative body (National People’s Congress) and a judicial branch, but all of them submit to the leadership of the Communist Party.

The National People’s Congress meets once a year, the top leaders of the CCP usually make decisions on relevant legislation before the session. the National People’s Congress is known by world opinion as a “rubber stamp” parliament.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights lists various civil liberties, including the right to life, liberty, freedom of speech, privacy, freedom of assembly, and expression of thought, beliefs, and religions. However, the Chinese regime largely ignores the liberties of its citizens.

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