Shanghai lifted its two-month-long lockdown in early June. However, some areas remain under lockdown after positive cases were found.

A video shared on the internet shows that Shanghai Shanggang Second Village and Shanghai Yangang were quarantined again on July 5 at night. The entire Shanggang Second Village community has been fenced off with steel plates. Everyone is worried and waiting for information.

As of July 6, Xi’an also locked down the city for 7 days to prevent further Covid outbreaks. Measures include mass screening, mandatory quarantine following positive PCR test results, online classes, and bans on meetings and events to achieve the goal of “Zero-Covid.” Local authorities informed that 18 positive cases of the new coronavirus variant have been reported in Xi’an since July 2.

According to the Chinese government, this epidemic prevention policy is necessary to save medical resources, which are limited in some parts of China. It would also protect the elderly because they have relatively low vaccination rates.

Sealed like pigs in Wuxi: Locals get green code seal after the Covid test

On the afternoon of July 5, netizens in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, heated a discussion about the health code. 

According to a video on Weibo, the yellow code will change to green after completing nucleic acid testing. Now, authorities ask for the green code to be sealed on people’s hands for three days.

On the evening of July 5, the community health service center issued an apology to all residents acknowledging that the sealing method for certified nucleic acid testing was simple and rude.

Many netizens commented on this situation, mainly saying it was not appropriate. A user said, “The last time I saw such a stamp on the skin was on a pig”; another mock, “According to the process, it can be sent to the market after hitting the seal, right?”

Zhengzhou: Taxi loses control and crashes into high-speed railway station

On July 4, a taxi suddenly lost control in the taxi waiting area at the south exit of Zhengzhou East Railway Station. 

According to witnesses, the car suddenly rushed to the guardrail, drove dozens of meters, and finally crashed into the station. The video shows that the car door is open and the driver is lying on the ground.

 The police said that the details of the accident were inconvenient to disclose. According to Zhengzhou Taxi Passenger Service Center staff, the driver had an accident due to a sudden illness and was being treated in the hospital. No one was seriously injured.

Typhoon Chaba turned Yingde into an ocean

As Typhoon Chaba (Siamba) passes over Guangdong, floods strike again. On the morning of July 5, the flood affected 80% of the villages and towns. Water and electricity were cut off, and traffic was disrupted.

Aerial footage shows Yingde has become a vast ocean. The flood has engulfed everything; only some roofs and a few trees can be seen.

Ms. Deng, a logistics operator in Yingde City, told New Tang Dynasty TV that the upstream of Shaoguan, including their local reservoirs, didn’t discharge water. Now it’s full, and there was no way to control it, so it automatically leaked like a collapse. This time the water came faster than last time. People could not foresee the disaster.

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