On August 12, a report titled Report on the request to maintain the business Environment and increase the Investment Confidence of Real Estate Companies went viral. There are 17 real estate companies as signatories placing their official seals on the document.

The document has the official seal of many real estate companies including but not limited to Hefei CCCC Real Estate, China Resources Land, Anhui Poly Real Estate, Hefei Gezhouba Real Estate, and Hefei Longhu Anhui Zhongliang.

According to the document, customers claim there are problems delivering houses in Hefei City. There are defects in the quality of the homes, repairs are not accepted, property fees during the maintenance period are refused for no reason, and huge compensation is required.

The document states that about three months before the delivery of the real estate, housing agencies organize a chat group of owners from institutions or people and engage in illegal fundraising in the group. The organization focuses on collective complaints and takes close-ups of unusual construction drawings during the building process.

According to the document, unreasonable consumer requests include the following: Purchasers do not agree with the conditions of the executed purchase agreement. Customers request a portion of the renovation refunded. Buyers request modifications to the fire exits that violate the fire protection regulations. They exceed the terms of the sale agreement. They demand modifications to external wall construction material and increase greenery.

Daily Economic News quoted the aforementioned real estate insiders, saying that several professional house-haunting organizations have lately entered the Anhui real estate market, and an industrial chain has developed that is more concentrated in Hefei City.

Reporters phoned the marketing director of Hefei housing company and he said that occasionally, it is not the owners who visit the home to inspect what’s going on. He said, “There is nothing wrong with certain purchasers who work in the furniture, décor, and home inspection businesses, but some people have created a situation where the owners collectively refuse to accept house repairs and demand refunds.”

Additionally, to disrupt the company’s regular business operations to claim huge benefits, they arrange for owners to visit other housing buildings for sale and yell slogans, pull down banners, and obstruct sales.

CRIC statistics show that the turnover was nearly 129 acres this July, a 26% decrease from the previous year.

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