Radio Free Asia (RFA) recently posted a video on Twitter, attracting attention.

On Aug. 14, many Chinese people went to the Chinese embassy in the United States to protest peacefully. However, in the video, Embassy employees use loudspeakers to swear at people. After the two sides conflicted, U.S. police arrived at the scene to maintain order. Minister of the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, Xu Xueyuan, even raised her middle finger at people and cursed. Her vulgar behavior made netizens feel ashamed on behalf of a diplomat. 

According to CNA, this group of Chinese people gathered in front of the Chinese embassy, ​​holding red banners with white letters, to protest against the act of appropriating people’s property by some local officials in China. They allege that embassy officials threatened them. The crowd demanded that Qin Gang, the Chinese ambassador to the United States, show up and explain.

During the protest, more than 10 middle-aged men with short hair and mostly black shirts looked like military police and intelligence. They repeatedly cursed at the protesters in Chinese, even uttering obscenities. At one point, they rushed across the street to prepare for a scuffle with protestors but were quickly stopped by U.S. police. An embassy employee was later arrested by police and removed from the scene.

At the end of the video, a middle-aged woman drove past the protest scene, rolled down the car window, and suddenly cursed at the protesters. She even raised her middle finger at them. Netizens identified the woman as Xu Xueyuan, Minister at the People’s Republic of China Embassy in the United States of America.

This woman’s action made netizens exclaim, “Is she a Chinese ambassador to the United States?”

The Vision Times quoted a few comments from netizens: “Does the Chinese ambassador have this quality? Look at the behavior of the U.S. President and Canadian Prime Minister when people scolded him to his face. What a disgrace to the country! The new generation of Chinese diplomats is raised in the CCP’s ideology—Chinese officials from top to bottom are all corrupt, have no education, only know how to curse!”

Some netizens said: “A government that dares to swear and point its middle finger at other people while abroad, and say that they are the people’s government, is ridiculous”; “The reality proves that the Chinese government is a rogue government.”

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