Before the opening ceremony of the G20 summit, on November 14, a Chinese official brutally treated an American female reporter when she was trying to ask Joe Biden if he had raised the human rights issue with Xi Jinping. White House officials promptly restrained the Chinese official. Public opinion said that the CCP’s “wolf warriors” have openly used violence in front of international media, once again stunning the world.

More than 2,000 Chinese and foreign media covered the meeting between the two leaders. The live broadcast lasted less than 9 minutes, and the organizer asked all Chinese and overseas media to leave.

NBCnews reported that, right after the opening remarks of the two leaders, that is, before entering the closed-door meeting, an American female reporter loudly asked Biden: “Can you ask questions about human rights with Xi Jinping at the meeting?” Then suddenly, a man wearing a mask with the CCP flag on the Chinese delegation yanked the reporter’s backpack back, causing her to lose her balance, and violently shoved her out the door. At that time, two White House staffers immediately intervened and asked China not to disrupt the television reporters’ work.

The Daily Telegraph analyzed that in China, it is common for officials to obstruct journalists and even beat them. Beijing authorities often punish and detain journalists that they do not like.

A scholar from the China Institute of International Studies pointed out that “a large part of the tension between China and the United States is the ‘Taiwan issue,’ and it is possible that they are drawing a red line on the issue.” What the CCP fears most is that human rights issues are raised directly,” according to Sound Of Hope.

In Xi’s report to the 20th National Congress, he said the Party must “prepare for dangers in peacetime,” calling for the continuation of the “spirit of struggle.” According to the analysis, this will further worsen relations between the United States and China, which have already reached their lowest point.

In addition, the CCP has switched from “Panda” diplomacy to “Wolf Warrior” diplomacy. In 2019, Xi Jinping personally issued a directive requiring diplomats to take a tough stance and show a “struggling spirit” in the face of international challenges, such as the problem of worsening US-China relations.

A netizen spoke up, quoted by Sound Of Hope: A “wolf warrior” is out again. Do they not have international standards and have no shame?”

Some netizens believe that Xi Jinping took the initiative to warn Biden. In the past, former president Bush’s bodyguards stopped people at international conferences, and the U.S. head of state directly stepped forward to pull people. Who dared to stop? A series of diplomatic measures by the CCP wolf warriors have damaged China’s image. When the U.S. Pew Research Center surveyed international people’s preferences for China this year, they found that out of 245.25 million people in 19 countries (regions) around the world, 82% of Americans and 80% of Koreans have a negative view of China under CCP rule.

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