China is battling its biggest COVID outbreak using lockdowns, quarantine, and mass testing. Beijing is extending the strict control measures under the ‘zero COVID’ policy and recently closed 92 subway stations. Citizens have complained that the regime has made it harder to travel.

Wudaokou Metro Station in Haidian District, Beijing was temporarily closed on May 16, making travel more difficult for Beijing residents. So far, Beijing Subway has halted 18 lines and 92 stations.

Netizens in Beijing expressed their frustration on the internet. Some said they don’t understand the meaning of the shutdown since workers still have to go to work.

Another added that without convenient transportation, going to work is only miserable.

The capital city registered 39 confirmed local COVID cases and 15 asymptomatic infections on May 15.

A Beijing resident has recently uploaded a video on Twitter. In the video, the man said that Lingjing Hutong, in Xicheng District, Beijing, is currently under lockdown. Staff in white hazmat suits came to take citizens away to isolation points.

With many shutdowns happening across the city, some people are now worried about a possible lockdown in Beijing.

Beijing authorities assure that authorities have enough materials to meet people’s needs and continue quick delivery. Even so, the reality is a far cry from the assurances given by the authorities. Many Beijing citizens fear that they may face draconian measures similar to those in Shanghai. So, they rushed to the supermarkets to stock up on food and supplies after rumors about stay-at-home orders broke.

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