Hong Kong National Security Police arrested Gu Siyao, a social activist, 75 years old, on charges related to the National Security Law on February 4th. The official accusation says it is a “crime of inciting subversion of state power.” Lei Yulian, a media influencer named Hong Kong’s “long-haired beauty,” was also taken away by the police to assist in the investigation. 

After Lei Yulian left the police station, she expressed concern to The Independent Media that Gu Siyao’s situation was ugly. She said, “He [Gu Siyao] doesn’t even know English; how can he overthrow the country?”

According to “Independent Media,” Gu Siyao has been jailed 11 times and has stage four colon cancer. On February 3rd, Gu Siyao sent a notice to the media and planned a protest at the Liaison Office of the Central Committee on the morning of the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

The police’s Department of National Security released a statement late on Wednesday night saying a 75-year-old man had been arrested for violating the “Hong Kong National Security Law.” 

At 6 am on the 4th, more than 20 officers from the National Security Bureau arrived at Lei Yulian’s home in Lijing with a search warrant. Lei was not at home at the time, and her son answered the door. After the National Security Bureau agents burst in and ordered her son to call Lei Yulian, she returned to her residence. Police took Lei to Mong Kok police station at 7 am to assist in the investigation of Gu. 

During the operation, two phones belonging to Lei Yulian were seized by the Ministry of National Security of the police. She pointed out that one of the phones was purchased last month, mainly for a traveling trip during the pandemic, and the other was for work. Lei Yulian said that the National Security Bureau officers asked her several questions, including whether she joined Gu Siyao on June 4th and July 1st last year.

Besides Lei Yulian, Chen Jinsong, vice chairman of the Workers’ Party of China, Feng Jingwen, a former member of the Democratic Party of Kowloon City District, and activist Chen Yiming were also taken away by the police. Lei Yulian was allowed to leave the police station at 1 pm on February 4th. Lei Yulian said that Gu Siyao had called her before asking if she wanted to join the protest, but she did not attend because she had to go to work.

Gu Siyao has stage 4 rectal adenocarcinoma. Lei Yulian told reporters she was in tears, and she said that Gu was old and sick, and his wife was in mainland China. Officials from the National Security Bureau showed Lei Yulian a photo of Gu Siyao’s protest sign, written: “Hong Kong has national security law” and “Stop one-party rule.”

Gu Siyao was found guilty of insulting the national flag last January and sentenced to four months in prison. In July 2020, Gu Siyao raised the Chinese flag painted with “white terror” and “fascist terror” as he went to court to show solidarity with 15 pro-democracy figures, including Li Zhiying. The authority convicted Gu for insulting the national flag.

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