According to Chinese overseas media, the Hong Kong Society for Community Organization and the New Youth Rights Concern Association conducted an online survey of 100 young people from February and May. They seek to find out the root cause behind the recent “lying flat” movement among the youth.

The results show that nearly 70% of the respondents believe that the phenomenon of “lying flat” happens mainly due to the discouragement of youths who are uncertain about their future. Lack of opportunity to improve their lives is also a popular response.

About which policy would improve the situation, 75% of the respondents believe housing is the first issue to be dealt with. More than 60% said the authorities should provide living expenses allowances for poor college students and implement a youth home ownership scheme.

In an interview with Xiwan Zhi Sheng, a student named David said “lying flat” was not a choice to give up but rather a sense helplessness. He said the rent in Hong Kong is expensive and unaffordable. 3 years ago when he had to rent a room, he recalled that his mother’s allowances received from the government ran out every month. 

According to Hongkong media Wenweipo, some college students said their parents are both over 60 years old and usually live on the government’s support through the CSSA scheme. Although these students dream of going to graduate schools, they cannot set aside their livelihoods and pursue their dreams. 

The South China Morning Post cited study results this year showing 803 respondents aged 15 to 30 gave average ratings of only 2.95 and 4.76 out of ten for their optimism about Hong Kong and their future, respectively. That’s a decrease from 2018, which was 4.37 and 6.02.

The catchphrase “lying flat” describes an indifferent lifestyle and an attitude towards the pressures to overwork. This is a social protest movement in China began April 2021.

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