Kindness is the logical choice, and it doesn’t cost money. The kind-hearted person mentioned below is a true hero without wearing capes. This man chooses to help others without any demands amid COVID pandemic.

One day, a 54-year-old man passed away while helping to deliver a patient to the hospital.

He was the backbone of the whole family and had two parents in their 80s, paralyzed and in bed. 

During the epidemic in Shanghai, life was also difficult for him.

His own health was not very good, but he still wanted to do something for more people.

Therefore, he signed up as a driver to take more patients with fatal diseases to the hospital.

He got up at 5 or 6 a.m., going to bed after midnight every day. He used to drive in the hot weather with an empty stomach. But he never complained. 

He made a lot of effort and only wanted to help the patients who are more challenging.

Once on the road, he suffered a heart attack, and his heart stopped beating.

Before losing consciousness, he stopped the car and let the patient get out safely.

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