Beijing’s corruption campaign has scoured through Zhejiang province’s grain system, with more than two dozen officials probed in the first two months of 2022.

Sina News reported on Feb. 21 that the disciplinary inspection and supervision organs at all levels in Zhejiang Province have disposed of 401 clues about grain-related issues, filed 144 cases, and detained 41 people.

At least 27 Chinese officials have been investigated, 8 of whom voluntarily surrendered.

The issues associated with the grain system mostly involve warehouses illegally left empty and inventory information falsified. Nationwide, a large number of officials in the food system have been sacked.

These include Yang Donghong 杨东红, chairman of the supervisory board of Zhejiang Jinhua 浙江金华 Grain Collecting and Storage Co Ltd;

Xu Yue 徐越, former host accountant of the Lu Zhai 卢寨 branch of Dongyang Grain Collecting and Storage Co Ltd;

Jin Bingsong 金炳松, former deputy director of Wenzhou 温州 Grain and Material Reserve Bureau;

Shao Zhijun 邵志军, deputy manager of Taizhou Huangyan 台州黄岩 District Grain Collecting and Storage Co Ltd;

Wang Hengchang 王恒昌, inspector of the central grain depot of Huzhou Anji 湖州安吉 County Grain Collecting and Storage Co Ltd, Hangzhou Yuhang 杭州余杭 District Grain Collecting and Storage Co Ltd Ltd;

Zhang Xianyuan 张先元, former manager of the storage and transportation department of Wenzhou 温州 Grain and Oil Storage and Transportation Co;

Chen Weiping 陈卫平, secretary of the party branch and general manager of Taizhou Luqiao 台州路桥 District Grain and Oil General Corporation;

Fu Jianhong 傅建红, former manager of the business management department of Yiwu 义乌 Grain Collection and Storage Co;

Zhang Yisong 张毅松, director and deputy general manager of Pinghu 平湖 Grain Collection and Storage Co.

On Feb. 21, Wang Qingnian 王青年, deputy director and second-level inspector of the Sichuan Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, was terminated.

Also on the same day, authorities announced investigations into two persons, including Jiang Shengxing 蒋胜兴 and Wang Hong 王红. Jiang is the manager of Pingba District Grain and Oil Storage and Operation in Anshun City, Guizhou Province, and Wang is the cashier of Pingba District Grain and Oil Storage and Operation.

On 18 February, Wang Dongfeng 王东峰, former Party Secretary and Chairman of the Board of Shaanxi 陕西 Food and Agriculture Group Co Ltd; and
Yang Yanfeng with Liu Yubin, former Directors of the Grain Bureau of Yanchuan and Zhidan counties in Shaanxi Province, were investigated.

On 17 February, polices investigated Lin Rongde 林荣德, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Liaoning Provincial Grain Group Co Ltd, and 7 officials in grain purchase and marketing.

On 24 January, Anhui authorities announced 214 cases involving grain in the province in 2021, with 243 people and 81 people detained.

On 15 January, Zhou Xinkai 周新凯, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman of the Board and General Manager of Anhui 安徽 Grain Group Co Ltd; and Nie Jun 聂军, former Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Anhui Grain Group Co Ltd, were investigated.

The scrutiny against officials for their misconduct in the grain system has also purged many individuals last year.

In the two months since November 2021, more than 20 people in grain purchase and sale have been probed. They came from the Hunan branch of the Central Reserve Grain and the Central Reserve Grain Changsha, Hengyang, and Yueyang direct warehouses.

Anhui province also announced nearly 30 cases of corruption in the field of grain purchase and sale between the two final months of 2021.

On 13 July 2021, Xu Ming 徐明, a former member of the CCP State Grain Bureau’s party group and deputy director, and Shi Zhonghua 史忠华, former party secretary and chairman of Beidahuang 北大荒 Grain Group Co Ltd, were investigated.

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