Fourteen Chinese officials in 11 provinces and regions were removed from their posts, or sentenced to prison.

One of them, Huang Baojin黄宝金, the former vice-chairman of the Hengyang 衡阳 Municipal Committee, was sentenced to life imprisonment. According to an official report by the Beijing government on Feb. 25, he was accused of accepting bribes amounting to $10.2 million.

Fan Zhong范仲, 67, a former deputy inspector of the Second Intermediate Court of Hainan 海南省 Province, was charged with taking part in illegal employment and remunerative intermediary activities after his retirement.

Li Yingnan李英男, 56, was the head of the General Section of the Suihua District Party Committee Office; a former vice-chairman of the Suihua 绥化市 Municipal Committee of Heilongjiang 黑龙江省 Province. He was charged with transferring and concealing evidence; accepting bribes and abusing his official position to engage in power and money transactions, causing substantial economic losses to the state.

Li Yingnan and Fan Zhong were expelled from the party.

Liu Jifu刘吉福, 73, former Party Secretary of the Department of Land and Resources of Jiangxi 江西省 Province, is suspected of not only accepting bribes but also using his influence to accept bribes. Liu was arrested on February 25, 2022.

Huang Zhiwang黄志望, former Deputy Director of Baise 百色 Municipal People’s Congress; Yu Zhiping于志平, former Deputy Party Secretary of Guangxi Province; and Zhao Ming赵明, former Party Secretary of Tibet Transportation Development Group Co were also arrested.

Zhang Xiangheng张湘衡, aged 63, a former inspector of the Henan 河南省 Provincial Procuratorate since 1994; and Li Yezhang李叶章, aged 56, a deputy director of the Guangdong Audit Department, were dismissed and investigated.

On February 25, Wu Guodan吴国丹, 57, secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee of Liaoning Province, was investigated.

Zhang Zhonglong张忠龙, former deputy mayor of the Jinzhou Municipal Government; Du Benwei杜本伟, former party secretary of the Northeast University of Finance and Economics; Wang Kejie 王克杰, deputy director of Shandong Province; and Dang Fengming凤鸣, former director of the Yan’an Chinese Medicine Hospital of Shaanxi Province, were all investigated for allegedly “violating disciplines and laws.”

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