On July 2, the Chinese engineering ship called “Fujing 001” was caught in Typhoon Chaba in the South China Sea. As a result, the ship broke in half before sinking it into the water. A search for the vessel’s 30 crew members is still underway.

According to Reuters, 12 bodies were able to be retrieved from waters southwest of Hong Kong on Monday.

On the afternoon of July 4, the Guangdong Maritime authorities announced their Search and Rescue team said they found 12 bodies of suspected victims about 50 nautical miles from where the ship sank.

They are now working on confirming the victim’s identities.

As of 3:30 a.m. on July 4, at least 14 victims are missing.

Australia’s ABC News cited Chinese maritime authorities as reporting that four members of the 30-person crew were rescued.

China’s Guangdong Maritime Search and Rescue Center said the rescued sailor was in a “normal physical condition.”

The storm had maximum sustained winds of 68 miles per hour and was upgraded to a typhoon before hitting Guangdong.

Authorities said the ship was close to the storm eye, challenging rescue efforts.

State TV said seven planes, hundreds of boats, and fishing boats joined the search.

The floating crane, made in China, helped build several offshore wind farms.

The unfortunate engineering ship tried to run off the storm but dragged a heavy anchor, which later broke its chain.

The ship then broke in half and sank during the storm on Saturday, it went down 186 miles southwest of Hong Kong.

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