Typhoon Masa made landfall in Guangdong province on August 24. On the same day, the health codes of 100,000 people in Shenzhen Kexing Science and Technology Park suddenly turned yellow. In order to get home before the typhoon, a lot of people lined up for PCR tests. Netizens called this a “horror.” There was information that many women fainted from the heat.

Shenzhen Municipal Health Commission reported on August 26 that from midnight on August 24 to midnight on August 25, 8 new positive cases were reported in Shenzhen, 2 cases were detected by community screening. A total of 34 new cases were detected in Shenzhen in six consecutive days.

The news reported that there were only 2 cases in Nanshan District, but neither were in Kexing Science and Technology Park. However, on August 24, a large number of videos were posted on the internet, making “Shenzhen Kexing Science and Technology Park” a hot search. The health codes of 100,000 illegal migrant workers suddenly turned yellow. They couldn’t enter the company nor return home. Everyone had to take the nucleic acid test.

The reason for the yellow code was that the Nanshan District government announced the whole area would conduct 3 rounds of PCR tests in 3 days. People are only allowed to travel with a 24-hour negative nucleic acid certificate, or a 48-hour negative nucleic acid certificate combined with the sampling report from that day.

A video posted on the internet shows the park filled with people waiting to be tested. Some netizens were upset with comments that more than 10 million people were lined up for the test and it was very chaotic.  

Several segments of the video show a woman kneeling at the intersection of an emergency exit and begging for food. The shops facing both sides of the main road are closed, and the street is desolated.

Many villages have had to close due to the pandemic in Shenzhen. In the video, many delivery men crammed together next to a locked iron gate. No one knows what the future will hold, how many people will starve to death, and how much money will businesses lose.

Several online discussions alleging that the large-scale nucleic acid tests caused by the pandemic are costly to the people, and there are growing voices of opposition.

Vision Times said that some netizens commented that the tests have become a tool for some people to make money. The government doesn’t spend time or money on production and labor, but wastes it on the tests and city lockdowns. they were sympathetic to Chinese people.

Despite the upcoming typhoon, people still had to be tested before going home

According to the Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory Network on August 24, when Typhoon No. 9 Masa approached, the observatory upgraded the blue storm warning to yellow, and the city entered storm defense mode.

The meteorological observatory forecasted, “Today the city is scorching hot and sunny, with strong thunderstorms in the afternoon and strong winds at night.”

Weibo account “Mu Xintong” said: “Another pandemic, another storm, and many people in Shenzhen Kexing Science Park have yellow health codes. Today, we encountered a storm and a large number of PCR testing sites were closed at 5pm, so now there are a lot of people queuing for tests.”

Netizen “Salt and Pepper are good” said, “Today, people lined up for the PCR test in Shenzhen Kexing Science and Technology Park. With such a pandemic prevention policy, all governments economic policy will become meaningless, except that pandemic prevention and control is not ‘lying flat’ (an escape from the nonstop work culture), everything else is.”

A large number of netizens lined up: Someone got heatstroke

There is also information that someone fainted after waiting in long lines in the hot weather. The Epoch Times reported some comments:

“Someone got heat stroke waiting in line.”

“The girl next to me fainted… It’s been too long in line.”

“There’s a girl next to me that can’t breathe. To get a green code, one has to bet with their life, I don’t understand what the green code means after all?”

There are also netizens in Shenzhen who have spread the news that the yellow health codes of tens of thousands of people at Kexing Science Park are nothing. A few weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of people in Longhua district, Shenzhen already had yellow health codes, and there were crowds of people in front of each testing site.

While most countries around the world are easing restrictions on pandemic prevention, the CCP continues its strict zero COVID policy, implementing large-scale lockdowns, and PCR testing to screen for infected people, making mainland people discontent and angry.

Chongqing has one of the highest temperatures in China. People’s Daily reported that more than 3,000 PCR testing sites in the central urban area of ​​Chongqing have tested over 10 million people. In Chongqing, the high temperatures sometimes reaches more than 40 C (104 F). More than 10 million people lined up for testing in the sweltering heat, and only two positive cases were found.

Under the CCP’s zero COVID policy, mainland residents are forced to conduct regular PCR tests, and untested residents cannot participate in gatherings, meetings, business activities, or enter public places.

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