Wyoming Republican Gov. Mark Gordon said on Monday, Feb. 8 that President Joe Biden’s executive order of canceling federal leases for oil and gas drilling heralds a “devastating” future for the state’s economy and implies a “direct attack” on Wyoming citizens.

During an interview on “Fox & Friends” Gordon lamented, saying the normal development of Wyoming’s economy depends on federal land lease revenues. 

Communities depend on revenue from oil and gas leases

“Losing that revenue is devastating to our schools, devastating to our communities, devastating to those small businesses that really depend on the energy sector,” Gordon said during the interview.

In January, President Biden signed an executive order issuing a “pause” on oil and gas leasing. The order further states that the administration will also review existing leasing and permitting practices “related to fossil fuel development.”

“This Biden ban really has a devastating effect, not just for Wyoming,” Gordon said.

Days after the executive order Gordon issued a press release warning Wyoming citizens that the presidential decision will cause major damage to the state’s economy that could even affect critical services. 

A ‘direct attack on Wyoming and our way of life’

“These orders issued by the new administration are a direct attack on Wyoming and our way of life. I am directing members of my Cabinet to examine the economic, financial, and workforce impacts of the president’s actions,” Gordon said. He added, “I will continue to fight these misguided and destructive policies by all means necessary. The way to move America forward is not through crushing her Western states.”

In parallel Gordon issued an executive order instructing Wyoming state agencies to examine the impacts of the ban, while asking them to analyze the implications of the president’s order on the availability of oil and gas in the state.

Gordon also warned that his administration will, if necessary, file a lawsuit against the executive order.

Green New Deal

Regarding comments issued by the Biden administration announcing that workers affected by the federal measures will receive training for alternative jobs in the energy sector, Gordon said that while it may be helpful, it will in no way alleviate the financial impacts.

Wyoming thus joins the many states and millions of people affected who are deeply concerned about President Biden’s announcements of new policies in response to the Green New Deal. 

The recently imposed announcements and actions drastically affect traditional energy activities in supposed benefit of “clean and renewable energies” that no one has yet been able to explain how they will work and how they will replace both the energy power of the traditional ones, as well as the labor sources that are employed there.

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