President Donald Trump revealed on Thursday that the United States and China are slated to resume their trade talks.

In an interview with Fox News Radio on Thursday, President Trump said the talks would be made “at a different level” and “let’s see what the end product is; that’s what you have to judge it by.”

Asked if he believed China would eventually make a deal with the United States, President Trump said, “China wants to make a deal” because it is losing “millions and millions of jobs.

“I think they want to make a deal, I sort of think they have to make a deal. We’ll see what happens.”

The president repeated his recent tweet that China has been ripping off the U.S. “for billions and billions of dollars” since the eras of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations, and he is just “doing what had to be done.”

“I was given a lot of bad hands and we’re going to win with every one of them.”

President Trump added that fentanyl would be part of his trade deal with China.

“I said to President Xi, who is a very strong leader—he’s got a lot of strength—get rid of this fentanyl. The fentanyl is part of our trade deal, whether people like it or not.”

The trade talks between the two largest economies are set to restart after tensions escalated last week with both sides piling new tariffs on each other. China announced tariff hikes on $75 billion of the U.S. imports in retaliation for earlier U.S. duty increases, and President Trump responded with a decision to slap new tariffs on $550 billion of Chinese goods.

China is hesitating to retaliate following the United States’ strong countermeasures.

According to CNBC, China on Thursday softened its stance in resolving the trade war.

“China has plenty of means for countermeasures, but under the current situation, the question that should be discussed right now is about removing the U.S.′s new tariffs on $550 billion in Chinese goods to prevent escalation of the trade war,” said Gao Feng, spokesman for China’s Ministry of Commerce.

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