A new poll found that increases in grocery and household goods are causing financial hardship for the American people, and nearly 80% of them are blaming the Biden administration for inflation.

The Fox News survey released on Wednesday, Aug. 11, showed that 71% of the respondents said the U.S. economy is in bad shape (only fair or poor), while 29% give it positive marks (excellent or good). That is unchanged from the April poll when 29% also rated the economy as in good shape.

While 53% of Americans said increases in housing costs are a financial hardship for their family, the difficulty is more widespread when it comes to higher prices for groceries (70%) and gas (67%).

Regarding the roots of inflation, 79% blamed the Biden administration’s economic policies, 72% pointed to the regular ups and downs of the economy, but 86% said the COVID-19 pandemic is responsible for rising prices.

About equal numbers of Democrats (89%) and Republicans (84%) pointed to the pandemic for price hikes, while by a wide 29-point margin, more Republicans (93%) than Democrats (64%) blamed the government’s policies.  

About three-quarters of those with income under $50,000 said that surging prices of grocery items and gas are causing them financial hardship, and over half of those at the $100,000 or more income level said the same is true for them.  

“The degree to which lower-income households are feeling the squeeze on food and fuel is striking, if not surprising, and highlights the risk that inflation could push families on the brink over the financial edge,” said Democratic pollster Chris Anderson. He conducts the Fox News Poll with Republican counterpart Daron Shaw.

The poll was conducted between Aug. 7 and 10 with 1,002 randomly selected registered voters across the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the Consumer Price Index increased 5.4% in July from the same period last year, with food prices surging 3.4% and energy prices jumped 23.8%.

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